Android 13 features: Everything we know so far
Google’s Android 12 may be in the process of rolling out to smartphones and tablets, but the company is already working on Android 13. The release of the first beta comes with a surprise. That generally results in a fall release for the next version of Android.
Material You debuted with Android 12 as Google’s own kinda-sorta enhanced customization feature for Android that pulls in colors from your wallpaper to theme your apps and your phone’s interface. Android 13 further improves the “Material You” function on the basis of Android 12. With Android 13, Google is planning to enhance the color hues with four new options. Material You will still pick colors from your wallpaper, but how it displays them will be up to you, somewhat.
Android 13 focuses on the privacy and security, introducing a photo picker and a new Wi-Fi permission. With the photo picker, the apps aren’t accessible to your albums. Specifically, a NEARBY_WIFI_DEVICES permission allows apps to access your phone’s knowledge of Wi-Fi access points, potentially limiting what you share with outside apps.
It is worth noting that with Android 13, Google is working on a built-in QR code scanner that will be able to work directly on the lock screen and be accessed through the quick settings app. It’ll be more convenient than the camera, though it may not practically change much.
Android 13 introduces new media access permissions. Apps will now have to request access to your images, videos, and audio files separately. Before, apps got access to all of your media with a single permission.
In addition, Android 13 has many features, such as supporting for Bluetooth low-energy audio, allowing users to set language for specific Apps, etc.
Google prioritizes compatibility of the apps when rolling out new platform versions. We’ve only seen Android 13 in preview, but it’s still a long way from its official release. If you want to experience the latest Android 13, just download the official system image and flash to your Pixel device.
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