2022 Cybersecurity Roadmap: How to get started?
Did you achieve your cybersecurity goals last year? In 2021, various phishing threats and advanced Gen 5 threats relentlessly assailed organizations, resulting in stomach-churning breaches that made international headlines. Let’s discuss the 2022 cybersecurity roadmap. Having a cybersecurity roadmap for 2022 can help you meet the challenges that the cybersecurity brings.
With the development of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and edge computing, and the increasing popularity of cloud technology, the problems of cybersecurity have become more complex. It is important to note that the way of cyber attacks has changed, so how can we truly achieve cybersecurity?
1.  Ensure that your organization has discovered all data that requires protection. Employ data discovery and use determination tactics.
2.  Manage and protect network security of your organization by analyzing your software and hardware to find any potential holes and fix them immediately.
3.  Protect your data analytics pipeline through masking, tokenization or encryption with properly defined access policies.
4.  Overcome the complexity of the network. Solve complex problems in simple ways. Removing cybersecurity complexity means reducing cyber risk.
You can also back up your data. Learn to use different methods for different threats.
In 2021, the cyberspace security was complex and changeable. Large-scale targeted cyberattacks have increased, and risks such as security breaches, data leakage, and online fraud have increased. So, in 2022, make sure to take innovative approaches to meet cybersecurity challenges.
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